Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

I know more than the weekend has passes since I was on here last, but MAN am I having a hard time keeping up with everything lately. I didn't think it would be so hard adjusting to having 2 kids but it is taking me a little while! Hopefully we will get into a routine soon here and I won't be so stinkin exhausted at the end of the day.


Ryan's little brother graduated Friday night, and his graduation party was on Saturday. We spent the whole day preparing and spending the day with family and friends then cleaning up after it was all over. I took all kinds of pictures and had planned on posting Saturday night with TONS of pictures. But, alas, I forgot my camera at my in-laws and we are just left with these cell phone pictures of my exhausted little boys after a full day of visiting!

What a day :)


Ryan worked Sunday morning and we are down to one vehicle right now, until Ryan fixes the car so me and the boys were all ready for a lazy day at home. But then around 11 my mom called and asked if I could watch the girls for a couple hours while they went to St. Paul and packed my sister up to move her back home. So Joshua, Sam and I got ready quick and my Mom picked us up. We had a full afternoon of playing with the girls.

Chalking with aunt Olivia for a LONG time :)

Then Joshua walked into the pine tree and cut his face all up

Then after we got home he fell on his broom and cut his lip open!
It was a tough day for Joshua.

We finished off Sunday by an evening at church


Happy memorial day! We started the day off with some crazy storms but it cleared up by noon and we got to play outside a little before nap time. I kind of failed at taking pictures, my camera is still at my in laws and I just didn't have my phone with me all afternoon. We played on the slide, with the shovel in the rocks then we came in a built a fort while we waited for lunch to cook. Joshua had fun :)

After Ryan got home from work we went to my parents house for a BBQ (it wouldn't be memorial day without a BBQ). My little brother has shingles, and hasn't been able to hold Samuel yet, but today he did and he loved it.

Uncle Kevin and Sammy

After we ate dinner Ryan, both of my little brothers, 4 of my little sisters and a few neighbor girls played a VERY intense game of softball (with a plastic softball of course) so my parents, Sam, and Megan hung out and watched. Joshua played on the swing-set and got involved in the game a little bit. All in all a very successful evening outside :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I will try to be on and update more regularly again.

Love Love ♥

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The Engstrands said...

You know dear...Andrew is almost 4 months old now...and I'm still exhausted by the end of the don't think it will ever end till they are old and move out lol :p good luck sweetie, sam is adorable :)