Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finger paints anyone?

We have been doing a lot more crafts lately, Joshua loves hands on stuff so I have been trying to let him have at least one time a day where he can pick a craft and have at it. His favorite is finger paints! This is an idea we got off of a website (honestly I go on so many I don't remember which one) and he has done it multiple times already.
                           1. Put as many colors of finger paint on a pizza pan or cookie sheet

"I paint?"

2. Spread it all around


3. Try different things to see what they look like

trying q-tips and cotton balls

4. Press a piece of paper on the pan

Now push as hard as you can!!


And Voila

The finished product, framed in the living room :)

What is your little ones favorite craft? 

Love Love ♥

Monday, February 27, 2012


this is the most logical way to eat cheez-its

Apparently in his little head it is :)
Love Love ♥

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who Knew??

Toilet paper rolls could be so much fun!
Ok maybe that last one didn't have anything to do with toilet paper rolls but he is so stinkin' cute I couldn't resist. Love Love ♥

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cloth Diapers, Potty Training and a Big boy bed!

We have had quite a few changes around here lately! We have been slowly making the transition to cloth diapers. After realizing we were spending over $300 a month on diapers and formula I knew something had to change. I figure if we buy enough to at least cloth diaper at home, they will pay for themselves in about a month. Not bad at all considering Sammy will be in diapers for quite a while still and Joshua will be using them at nap time and bed time for a while. Plus they are so stinkin cute on my little guys IMAG2033 How can you not love that little dinosaur butt :) Joshua has officially been in his "big boy bed" for 3 days now. We decided Sunday to take the side of his crib and see how he did. He refused to nap Sunday, he kept asking for the cover for his crib (the railing). But we didn't put it back on and Sunday night I laid him down with a couple books and he was out in a few minutes. The books seem to be doing the trick. We went in to check on him before we went to bed last night and this was how we found him IMAG2052 He was laying on his belly reading books when we left him so my guess is he fell asleep and slipped off his bed. He wasn't phased by it though. Ryan put him back in his bed and he didn't wake up. Joshua is also on day 2 with no diapers and no accidents! He has decided all of a sudden to be a big boy. It took a while for him to get used to holding it when we were in public but he seems to be catching on. This makes me so happy :) he is getting to be such a big boy! Hope you all are having a fabulous week! Love Love ♥ IMAG1969

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We've been busy

So I'd like to say we've been off having some amazing adventures, to be able to tell you we have been scuba diving and swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Oh how I wish we were somewhere warm right now! But, instead I will tell you the truth. The plain ol boring truth. We have been busy, not even going places busy, just having a 2 year old with the chicken pox and a 9 month old learning to be a huge trouble maker busy. It has been 2 weeks since my little man got the chicken pox.
Not the most attractive picture, but hey, who said that sick kids had to be attractive all the time? He also ended up with some sort of rash covering 90% of his body. The doctor said its a virus all of its own and has nothing to do with the chicken pox. Of Course..
this was a few days ago and he is finally not all red. Still quite bumpy but hopefully he will be all healed up soon! My little Sammy is growing up way to fast. He is such a ham and this is the face I get when I tell him to say "cheese"
What a goof. I am so over cold weather. I want to go barefoot outside and not freeze. I want to wear shorts and tank tops and see the sun once in a while! I had forgotten how gray and depressing Minnesota winter is. Today was actually a pretty nice day and Joshua and I got outside for a few minutes
Oh how I can't wait to be able to just let him play outside all day. This summer we are going to LIVE outside.
Dear summer,
PLEASE hurry up and make your way up north.
Love, A Mommy who is sick of saying NO.
Love Love ♥

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cloth diapers anyone?

I have been seriously researching cloth diapers the last few days, it's something that I have always secretly wanted to try but I've had no idea where to start. So, how about here Life with my littles is giving away a SoftBums Omni diaper for FREE. This is one I have been looking into so of course I decided to enter. There are so many options out there I am kind of overwhelmed. Everyone is telling me what the "best" ones are. I wish I could just try them all and decide, without having to pay for them first! If only... Any suggestions on the best ones out there? Anyone used the Softbums omni diaper? PLEASE leave some advice for an overwhelmed momma! Oh an stop by Life with my Littles before midnight on Feb 11 and enter to win your own :) Love Love ♥