Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday (and I'm STILL pregnant)

We had a very fun filled, busy Saturday! We started our morning off with a delicious egg & ham breakfast (thanks Ryan!!) Then we met up with some friends at a farm just down the street from us, The Historic Kelley Farm. We got to see all kinds of animals and help with a few farm chores, I'll let the pictures show you how fun it really was.

We had a very fun morning :)

Joshua came home and took a couple hour nap after all of that running around. Then when he woke up we went up to the school to get a few pictures of my little brother, and my brother in law before they headed off to prom! It definitely brought back memories :)

My little brother and his prom date

My brother and law and his date :)

I hope they are having fun right now!!

After seeing them off we went with my family to dinner at Cici's pizza (yummy!), came home and Joshua got to play outside a little bit and show off how silly he is to the neighbor ladies. I swear he is the biggest flirt! And all the ladies in our neighborhood love it :)

I hope everyone had a good Saturday, I am going to go lay in bed and put my fat ankles up for a while! Love Love ♥

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Dan said...

I'm glad you guys were able to come with us! It was really fun having you, Ryan and Joshua there! ^_^