Monday, May 2, 2011

Hayley Rose

May 2nd is always a day that makes me think about a very special little girl.

This is Ms. Hayley Rose

(I got this picture off of

I knew Hayley for about 4 months when I was 10 years old. Seems like such a little window of time but this little girl made an impact on me. I was BEST FRIENDS with her big sister, Raina. We have the same birthday and have always called each other "twin". Raina and I are still friends, she even made the trip all the way from Missouri to be here in Minnesota for my wedding!

I love you Raina!!

On May 1st, 1998 when Hayley was only 4 years old she got sick one night. Her family just thought it was the flu and did their best to keep their sick 4 year old hydrated and comfortable. Hayley died the next morning, May 2, 1998. Everyone was in shock when we found out. It turned out she didn't have the flu, her intestines twisted and she died because of. It was so unexpected and traumatic for everyone, especially her family.

Keep this family in your prayers today, I say a special prayer for them on May 2nd every year. I will never forget Ms. Hayley Rose and her adorable little smile :)

Love Love ♥

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