Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun with my little man

Yesterday Joshua and I took a trip to petsmart to pick out his very first pet! Now if you know me, you know I love animals. I would have loved to get a new puppy, a fun little hamster or at least something he could actually hold. But with a new baby on the way, and Joshua being only 17 months we decided a goldfish is a nice easy first pet. I must say, Joshua loves this "dish".


He LOVED petsmart too :) He looked at all the different birds, kinda scared them a little by smacking the glass so we didn't look too long. But even more than he loved the birds, he LOVED all the dogs that were inside the store. I think this was a little weird for him!


We made our weekly
daily, trip to walmart and found a great desk for an even better price. We have been looking for something so we could finally set up the desktop computer but nothing has been quite right.

Joshua had fun helping Daddy put the desk together (ask Daddy and he might tell you Joshua didn't help at all, but its the effort that counts right?)


Then after it was all set up, we looked at some baby pictures of Joshua! He enjoyed all of them, he kept saying "Dady" (joshua talk for baby). He is gonna be such a good big brother!


This is the desk :) nice and simple for our not so huge living room. PERFECT!


I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday! My man is just starting his work day, 2-10 today :( Josh and I are on our own for dinner. Not quite sure what we are having yet... Love Love ♥

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Jane said...

Glad we had you come over for lasagna!