Friday, May 13, 2011

Icky weather

I don't blame this baby for not coming.
If I were in a warm place like he was, I wouldn't want to come into cold dreary Minnesota either. May has been way to cold and I bet he knows it and is being wise and staying in his mama's warm belly. Can you blame him?

Ryan worked 2-10 last night, then 6-2 this morning. I hate when he has these shifts back to back. Especially when I am 40 weeks pregnant and could really use his help with this little monster who seems to KNOW I'm exhausted and is being a bigger trouble maker than usual. But on the plus side he has tomorrow off :) he may even have Sunday off too! I'm not gonna count on it though, since I am being induced Tuesday my guess is he will load up on the hours Sunday and Monday. Lovely.

Joshua and I braved this extremely chilly spring weather with my mom and little sisters this morning and hit up a few garage sales. Not to much out there but true Minnesotans had there sales open, and us true Minnesotans found a few things to take home.

Joshua got this cute yellow chair

and a pair of jeans ( no I'm not gonna put a picture of them up, they are jeans!) and I found a book. So not to exciting of a morning, but not a complete waste of time!

Yesterday I decided maybe this little boy just wants me to have some more maternity pictures, that has to be why he is still in me! So Ryan, Joshua and I went across the street from our house to this cool little ampi-theater/park and got a few pictures :)

We had fun! Joshua loves being outside so he was happy that we went out.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! I need to get some cleaning done before I lose all motivation... Love Love ♥

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