Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good bye due date. Hello Lazy.

Well I was due yesterday. It went by just like I knew it would, no contractions, no baby. I think this little man is in for the long haul! I am scheduled to be induced next Tuesday if he doesn't come before then, and I am not counting on his coming on his own. So, one more week of pregnancy.

So what does one due when they are way over being pregnant? When it hurts to walk because my ankles are so swollen, and I can't bend over because I have a full grown baby living in my belly? I do NOTHING. Me and Joshua are having a definite lazy day today! This is what is has consisted of so far:

Learning how to buckle/unbuckle the babies car seat

Hand feeding the dog, one piece of dog food at a time

Finding a half eaten bag of popcorn next to Daddys bed and dumping it everywhere

Eating pizza with Ranch dressing and potato chips for lunch (healthy huh?)

And trying to figure out how to open the windows... Not successful thankfully :)

Needless to say it has been a VERY productive morning so far! Plus, with me being the crazy blogger mom I just follow him around a take pictures. I can always tell when he is getting in trouble, because he says "Cheese". Maybe I take to many pictures? I think not!

Love love ♥

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Sarah Heineman said...

Haha Oh I can totally relate with the picture taking :) The end is in sight Melissa!