Monday, May 16, 2011

Decisions decisions

I'm sitting here contemplating how to spend Joshua's last nap before the baby comes. Should I be productive? Should I just play bejeweled the whole time? Should I take a bath? So many choices!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Minnesota. Of course, now that I am going to be spending the next few days in the hospital the sun and warm weather decide to show up. But we are NOT complaining :) Joshua and I were already out this morning enjoying the beautiful weather. I forgot to take pictures... (oops). We also went to the thrift store with my mom and little sisters. One last little outing before baby boy makes his appearance.

Josh and his aunt Megan loved sharing a cart

Cool babies :)

Well clearly the being productive option hasn't won yet... since I am sitting on the computer and I have bejeweled open in another window. Just a few games then I will do the dishes.

love love ♥

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