Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy busy

We have been very busy lately, trying to get ready for this baby to come and trying to settle into our new home! We have been here a little more than 3 months now and it is definitely getting there. We have been slowly getting furniture, we didn't really have a ton before we moved here.

We finally got dressers


the bassinet finally made its way from the garage to our bedroom


I made A valance for Joshua's "Cars" room


Oh, and we've been busy enjoying this beautiful weather! loving the sunshine we had the last couple days.


But this is what happens when I walk to much... I just wanted to help the baby out! Not get humongo feet!


nasty right?

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! My hubby just got home from work, we are gonna have some family time today. Get our new desk put together and go pick out the newest member of our family! We will post some pictures tomorrow. Love Love ♥

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No baby yet?!

Every morning I wake up and I think the same thing "Why am I still pregnant?!" I had my 38 week appointment yesterday, my doctor said everything looks good and keep on waiting. Everyone has said they would be surprised if I didn't have this baby early, I say I will be surprised if he ever comes out (Ok... maybe I'm exaggerating). I have been having teeny tiny little contractions the last week or so, they get my hopes up because they have been pretty close together. But then they leave all together (UGH). If spring ever really came we could go on some walks and make him come out :)

I am literally a whale


Today has been a relatively boring day. More rain and cold so we aren't gonna be playing outside today. Joshie and I went grocery shopping this morning, a little unplanned but I did good with not buying a bunch of junk! It wasn't pouring when we got home, so Joshua took advantage of it and played in the front yard a little while I took the 4 trips up and down the stairs bringing grocery's in. Fun Fun :)

He discovered the mini fridge that Ryan got out to clean yesterday... Apparently Ryan plans on spending quite a bit of time in the garage! But Joshua just thought it was a cool place to play.


and Really, when you are one year old, what isn't a cool place to play? I love watching his creativity. Such a fun little man :)

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Ryan is working late today, a couple hours of OT! And Mama is planning some spaghetti for dinner. DELICIOUS! Love Love ♥

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Recap + Monday


Saturday we went and visited a friend I went to high school with, Sarah. You can read all about her journey as her husband is deployed and she has a 18 month old and a new born, here

Joshua and Sarah's little cutie Peyton had fun playing together for the most part.

Peyton didn't wanna share her toys, and Joshua is always a bully so poor Pey got hit a few times. She was a trooper though and gave him a few hugs before we left :)

This is adorable little Vandis.

Joshua had a little practice with a baby! He did a lot better than I thought he would, I can't wait until he can meet his little brother.

Saturday Evening we went to a movie with Ryan's family (minus his sister who is in Wisconsin for college) then we went to dinner at Olive Garden. Delicious! I didn't take many pictures... just on my phone. This is Ryan's sister Amber, and his brother Tyler (behind the hands)

You gotta ♥ Family :)

[Easter Sunday]

We had a BEAUTIFUL sunny Easter here in Minnesota. Now if we could get that weather to stay! Ryan worked from 6-9 Sunday morning, and Joshua slept in until almost 9. I had fun taking my time getting ready and taking a long hot shower (you know, the things I did when I woke up by myself, not a 1 year old:))

After Joshua woke up we did a little easter project.

we turned this

into these

Joshua helped hide the secret M&M's inside.
And of course ate a few in the process :)

After we were done making a mess, we got all ready for church and waited for Daddy to get home from work then headed off to church! After church they had about a dozen doves that they set free. I wish I would have brought my camera because it was beautiful! Joshua got to pet a dove, and he loved watching them fly away. SO much fun!

after we got home from church we gave Mr. Josh his very first easter basket! He was there when we bought everything, but was still pleasantly surprised (ahh the joys of a one year old).

He got a super cool squirt gun in his easter basket

After the joys of discovering his easter basket and playing with the toys and eating some candy we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Andersons for a delicious ham lunch and an easter egg hunt!

Oh and we took some pictures

Joshua found almost all his eggs on his own

Lily needed a little help. Everyone was giving her clues and it took her forever to find her last one!

but she's a CUTIE!

After we got home, Ryan's parents stopped by to bring Joshua a fun blue ball for easter, and a package of animal crackers. Joshua had fun playing outside with them, Grandpa even rolled down the hill with him :) Sadly I left my camera at my parents house and I didn't get any cute pictures of them playing.


Monday was another beautiful day here, so we took advantage of it and spent PLENTY of time outside. We went on a nice long walk before we had to run to the library for some Algebra books for Daddy (He has a test on Friday!). We played outside a little more when we got home then Joshua took an EXTREMELY long nap (over 3 hours). We BBQ'd for dinner, Joshua took a bath then played outside a little more. That's a lot of playing outside :)

Deuce enjoyed being outside all day too!

Good thing we enjoyed the weather while it lasted, it is 45 and rainy today. No fun :( and tomorrow, they are saying we have a chance of snow! Ridiculous! Its almost May.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL, family filled Easter weekend. Remember the reason we celebrate it is because we have an amazing heavenly Father who gave his life for YOU! What an amazing God!

Love Love ♥

Friday, April 22, 2011

One of those days

Today has been one of those days. You know, the ones where your one year old is supposed to be sitting at the table eating to chips out of his bowl like a good boy. Then you turn away for 2 seconds and look back to him sitting on the table, with his sock on his hand, crushing every last one of those chips into millions of little pieces and then proceeding to wipe them all on the floor. And of course, that is the only kind of chip the dog refuses to eat. Yeah. One of those days.

The kind of day where you spend hours (literally) cleaning the whole house, making up for being lazy lately and then you walk back through it and it looks like the house hasn't been touched in days, if not weeks.

Day's like this don't usually get to me. But being 37 weeks pregnant with the most rambunctious 16 month old to ever step foot on this planet, it seems like everything is getting to me lately. Thankfully Joshua laid down without a fight, and I got to eat my EXTREMELY healthy lunch of rice and tater tots in peace :)

Ryan was supposed to be off at two and he just called and said they asked him to stay until 7. So of course he said yes, he's planning on taking at least a few days off when the baby comes so we are saving up to prepare for his unpaid time off. I think tonight we might get Chinese food for dinner since Ryan won't be here. I ♥ Chinese food! Thankfully Joshua isn't too picky. He doesn't like rice much, so as long as I get plenty of chicken I think he will be happy!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday! Ryan had Tuesday and Wednesday off so I'm not sure when our next weekend will be. Next Friday and Saturday possibly? He only works a few hours in the morning on Sunday so he will be here for Easter. Have a wonderful weekend friends! Love Love ♥

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our April

Our April has been busy! We have been busy getting ready for baby boy # 2 to make his appearance (which could be any day now), we have also been busy fixing the house up and doing a few projects. A few other things Joshua have been busy doing is:

Eating his favorite snack, strawberries, all by himself! He discovered how to open the fridge

taking trips to home depot with Daddy

making friends with the neighbor boys, and having snacks together :)

having his aunts come over and play with him

enjoying the few days of warm weather we have had, playing outside

Reading books with daddy

Reading books with mommy :)

and last, but DEFINITELY not least, we welcomed Ms. Megan Kathleen into our family!

I hope everyone else is having a great April! We are enjoying our last few weeks as a family of 3. Love Love ♥

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Sick Mama

I mentioned yesterday that I was miserably sick. I went to the doctor yesterday, and she gave me some antibiotics for a sinus infection. Plus my asthma has been acting up so I can't stop coughing. I have taken the meds twice and still am not feeling very well. Which is why my living room looks like this:

my kitchen looks like this

and yet this where I am... looks comfy huh?

but I try and tell myself its ok, I need to relax a little because Joshua is sleeping and I need a break. And I look like this, so I DESERVE to relax

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! We are heading over to my parents for tacos later, I love taco Tuesday because I know its a day I won't have to cook. I have had no energy the last couple weeks. Hopefully this baby decides to make his grand entrance into the world very soon :)

Love Love ♥

Monday, April 18, 2011

So here I am.

So here I am, at 8:30 on a Monday morning. I've been awake for over an hour, and here is what my house currently looks like:

Momma sitting on the couch, miserably sick, updating my blog
Joshua is still sleeping
Ryan just went to sleep after working overnight last night
Deuce is snoring away at my feet
Baby boy #2 is going crazy inside of my belly.

So why am I awake when I don't feel good, and I have no good reason to be? Good question. Maybe we should ask this little monkey in my tummy that NEVER stops moving. I am at that stage in my pregnancy where I have no energy, and I don't ever sleep. What a wonderful combination. I just keep reminding myself, only 3 more weeks!!!

I am headed to the doctor at 10:15 this morning to get a strep test (yes, the lovely one where they shove a ridiculously long q-tip down your throat and make you gag uncontrollably.) Needless to say I am very much looking forward to it :) I am so over this sore throat/cough that I have had. Its only been a few days but it is getting worse by the minute!

I haven't taken pictures off of my camera in a bit, so I don't have much to show. Just one of my cutie patootie little boy eating breakfast!

seriously, how can you not love this handsome little boy?!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! I will be back hopefully tomorrow (possibly even later today?) with a MUCH needed picture update of what we have been busy doing. Love Love ♥

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Hello :)

I know, I Know, it has been WAY to long since I have been on here. I was already falling behind when Ryan let his Dad take my laptop (our only computer right now), so now I am WAY behind. I am at my parents now so I figured I would say hello to my bloggy friends.

I had my 36 week OB appt today, doctor said everything looks good. He is guessing this baby will be close to the same size as Joshua was (right around 8 lbs). So I can definitely handle that! As long as he doesn't get to much bigger than that I will be happy :)

I hope to get my laptop back in the next couple days, so I will be back with some (CUTE) pictures of this beautiful weather and paying outside. I am so glad it is finally spring!! Have a great Tuesday friends. Love Love ♥

Friday, April 1, 2011

Josh and his belly button

So I don't wanna be one of "those" parents that thinks they have the smartest kid ever. But seriously, my little man is so smart :) He has been way ahead at his check up (developmentally) since about 9 months, at his one year check up he was developmentally at the level of an 18 month old. He is a little smarty pants, and I have no idea where he gets it!!

One of his recent (about 2 weeks ago I guess... I'm just slacking putting it on here) discoveries is his bellybutton. He tries so hard to say "bellybutton" but it comes out more like "duh-dutton". But here is a cute little video of Joshie and his belly button :)