Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Busy

It has been almost a week since Mr. Samuel was born. I feel like it was just yesterday! We have been busy busy adjusting to this new little member of our family. But it has been a good busy, a happy busy :) Joshua is LOVING being a big brother. He has been extra whiny lately but I am gonna give him a couple more weeks to adjust to his new brother before I let it worry me!

So apparently laying halfway on your side and flat on your back isn't the best way to deliver a baby. My back has been killing me ever since I had this little boy! But he came so fast I didn't have a chance to raise the bed and lay down the right way. I was just sitting on the edge of the bed to get the epidural and he started coming out. Well at least it went quick right? I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow and hopefully they can make me better.

This sweet little boy

has gained a WHOLE pound since we left the hospital Thursday. That is a whole pound in 4 days. The doctor gave me two gold stars for having fatty milk :) He was so surprised when the nurse told him that he took Samuel back out to weigh him again and see for himself. Sure enough my little boy is 9 pounds 6 oz already. What a little chunk.

We went to target last night and got Joshua his big brother present.
He loves it!!

And of course he got an icee too
you can't go to target and not get an icee :)

I am so proud of my baby, Samuel slept SO good last night. A definite advantage to having a big baby. He slept from 10-2:30 ate and went back to sleep until 6:30, woke up and ate and went back to bed until 8! I loved it. Almost as much as I love waking up to this sweet face.

Have a great week friends. Love love ♥

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Sarah Heineman said...

Oooh my he is so so so SO cute Melissa! Vandis was just weighed today... 10lbs 9oz haha and 2 months older than Samuel... We would love to meet the little guy :)