Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair Cut Attempt #1

My little man has the FASTEST growing hair ever. He just had a hair cut about two weeks ago and it is so long already!

Seriously, check out that hair!

So I decided today, we are not gonna be paying $12 (YES, $12!!!) for a hair cut every month. Plus, if I am gonna keep having boys man that is really gonna add up! Ryan already shaves his own head, so we had the clippers I just needed the courage. After watching a couple videos online and reading a couple tutorials (nerd? Possibly.) I had a little bit of confidence and took on the task of cutting my boy-os hair. I started with the intentions of dong a fade, but after I started I decided I would just do it all the same length (hey its my first time!) This is how it turned out


Needless to say I'm not gonna become a professional any time soon. But with a little practice I think I will get better.


My little man looks like a big boy! Hard to believe he is 17 months old already and going to be a big brother any day. Seems like just yesterday he was a bald little newborn.

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! Love Love ♥


Kellie Ernst said...

he looks super cute!

The Engstrands said...

very nice job :) I cut jayden's hair and dougs hair...and when aj's hair grows in...ill cut his too...if you have different size blades, i highly reccomend a 3 :)