Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful afternoon at the park!

My little brothers and sisters go to school about .65 miles from my house.
Just a rough estimate :)
They had conferences today and the younger girls came over to hang out with me and Josher this morning
After hanging out a little bit we went on a walk up to the school to play on the park!

It is a beautiful day to be outside!

Ms. Lily was ever so dramatic complaining of "tired feet" the whole way
But she stopped to smile for a picture. Of course :)

When we got there my parents and the other kids were waiting for the next conference
Joshua got to go down the slide with aunt Deja

Ms. Megan ate some wood chips

And this sweet little boy

Wore himself out and fell asleep on the walk home :)
(just ignore the pen all over his face, its fine)

We got home to burgers on the grill, dishwasher going & all the dishes washed by hand (thanks Ryan!!) All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful afternoon. Joshua is asleep in his crib now, Ryan is on his way to work and we are (possibly) gonna hit up a few garage sales later on. Happy Friday!!

Love Love ♥


CChenoweth said...

The Blaine garage sales are going on this weekend! I wish I could go!

btw.. LOL about the "it's fine" comment. You are such a mom.

Happy Mother's day btw ;-)

MStrickland96 said...

yeah we got to go to a few of them but by the time we got going it was almost 4 so there weren't many left open!