Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wanted: My Life BACK please :)

Don't get me wrong... I am so thankful that my in laws are giving us a free place to live. I don't know where we would be right now if we weren't here with them. But I am SO not used to living with anyone but my husband and baby. Especially with how sick I have been lately I just want my own home, my own space! I am ready to be back in charge of my own home (as long as it has a dishwasher). I know I am never really in charge of my life, God has control over everything. But lately I feel like everything is just happening around me and I really have no say. Not a good feeling :(

Ryan just started his new job yesterday, he seems to like it so that's a good start :) He is working security at General Mills, and was all excited because they have a little grocery store inside with discount food. Hopefully this is the beginning of us saving up some money and getting our own place SOON.

I was planning on putting up pictures today, It has been WAY to long since I have updated pictures. But for some reason this computer isn't letting me put any pictures on. Maybe later today, or else tomorrow when I am at my parents house I will put some pictures on! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Only a couple more days until the weekend :) have a great Wednesday! love love ♥

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am LOVING this weather we have been having lately! The leaves are starting to change colors, it is cool but not freezing yet. We can go outside and enjoy the outdoors without sweating or freezing. PERFECT! I just need to get some winter clothes :) After living on a topical island for 3 years, then a desert for a year, its time to rebuild my winter wardrobe! I have plenty of shorts and tank tops (a lot of good that will do me).

We have been busy unpacking the last couple days. The trailer and truck are empty, now its just getting everything out of boxes and finding everything we need. Ryan's parents garage is full of our stuff, and I am not looking forward to the task of going through it all!

We have been so blessed the last couple of days. Ryan has been here Sunday and has his 2nd interview today, and at least 2 more set up. One of his friends has set him up with a security firm, and his uncle just got him an interview with his business. Hopefully one of these jobs will work out soon and we will have an income again. Ryan's parents are being awesome and letting us take over there basement for as long as we need it. We are hoping to be out in the next few months but it all depends on what kind of a job Ryan gets, and where he decides to go to school.

Well I think my Mom and I are about to go find some garage sales :) Ryan is returning the trailer and getting a few things done before his interview at 1:30. I hope everyone is having a great week so far, Happy Tuesday!! Love Love ♥

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

taco tuesday with the family :)

It is our first Tuesday in Minnesota, so obviously we are having tacos tonight :) My little brother is at the doctor right now, he hurt his thumb and is going to see if he needs a cast or what. We are waiting for him and my Mom to get back and then it is time for some TACOS!

Ryan got his orders today! He will officially be out of the army on Friday. Only a few more days until he is a free man :) Now to decide our future... where will he work? Where will he go to school? Where will we live after his parents house? So many decisions that we have to make, that will impact our future. Prayers are greatly appreciated :)

I hope everyone had a great labor day, and is having a great Tuesday! Love Love ♥

Saturday, September 4, 2010

we have arrived (well some of us)

Joshua and I flew in to Minnesota on Thursday! Ryan found out on Thursday afternoon that he will be getting orders on Tuesday and will be leaving El Paso on Friday. So he should make it here to Minnesota by next Sunday. 1 week from tomorrow! We have been gone for only 3 days and I miss him already :( hopefully the next week goes pretty fast.

Our last week has been filled with packing, packing, and MORE packing. We got the trailer last Friday, had some people over Saturday and got so much done. We were so thankful to have such wonderful people sacrifice their Saturday to help us! We fit way more in that trailer than anyone thought we would be able to. It was amazing!

We were out of the house on the 31st. We spent a few nights in the hotel before flying out at 7 am on Thursday morning. Ryan is still in the hotel we were staying in, until Monday. After that he will be staying with some of our old neighbors for the rest of the week until he leaves to join us!

Joshua and I went over to my in-laws Thursday evening and checked out where we will be living for the next few months. We are so blessed to have such awesome family supporting us! They are turning their basement into a room/living space for Ryan and I and giving Joshua his own room. Way more than we could have ever asked for! We have wonderful family and I am so thankful for them!

Well Joshua seems to have decided he wants to go to bed now... we attempted bedtime a half hour ago and he wasn't going for it. Maybe this time! Goodnight bloggers. Hope everyone had a great week, and is having a great weekend! Have a wonderful Sunday :) love love ♥