Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday Friends!

I am up way to early today... in my opinion! Acoording to Joshua we should have woken up earlier. I dislike getting out bed before 8:00 when I have nothing to be awake for. But I decided, since I am awake I might as well participate in Friday Follow this week!

My internet has been in and out the last couple days, so I might take a couple days to follow back. But rest assured I will follow back, I always do :) I hope you will take a couple minutes and look around my page and learn more about me!

This week has been so long... We have all been sick here since Sunday so it feels like this is a neverending week. I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Friday. It was bad! I am definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my boys this weekend. speaking of my boys look at this cute picture I took of them the other day. So precious!


Happy following friends! I hope you all have a great Friday.
Friday Follow

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Ms Bibi said...

I would love to be in bed till 8 unfortunately life gets me out before 6am. Sucks.....but I am hoping,lol.