Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday at the Stricklands!

I am in the proccess of uploading my pictures... it never happened last night and it is taking forever tonight! Today we went to the mall and walked around for a while. I tried shopping for some jeans but gave up after about 10 pairs were to small. Ugh. SO FRUSTRATING!! I need to lose the rest of this baby weight then hopefully I can find something that fits.

I will be back either later tonight or tomorrow sometime... depending on our schedule tomorrow. To put up a few pictures! I hope everyone is having a great Saturday evening and I hope everyone has an awesome Easter! I am planning on getting Joshua's picture with the easter bunny tomorrow :) I know thats not what Easter is about but its fun! Have a great Sunday friends!

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Kelly's Lucky You said...

Happy Easter, can't wait to see the bunny pic!
I'm stopping by from Friday Follow, I hope you'll follow me back (and if you already are - thank you!)

Nice to meet you!