Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday! I don't know about you, but my life revolves around lists. Every day I wake up and make a list, even though I have a permanent list on the inside of the pantry door.

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Here is my list for the week!

*Walk every day, at least 2 miles
*Attempt to set a nap schedule for Josh... of course it's ultimately up to him
*Follow my meal plan for the week (NO EATING OUT)
*Purchase plants for the front yard
*Laundry every day (folded, not just washed)
*Dishes every day
*Devotinal time every day
*Print coupons for the week/& grocery shop
*keep house presentable

there is oh so much more but I know if I continue on I will justshare my incompetence with you all next week when I can't cross off anything on my list :)

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