Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i apologize to all my followers

I am sorry I have not been in here much lately. Life has been a little crazy, my trip to Minnesota totally ruined my routine! And now that I am finally catching up on the housework joshua and I have not been feeling very well. I think we have whatever little bug Ryan had while we were gone. Hopefully it doesn't plan on staying around to long. I'm ready for it to be gone! The weather is beautiful and I want to be out there enjoying it!

Tonights taco Tuesday was a little disappointing because we had no cheese! I completely forgot :( I improvised and melted some velveeta and used that, but it wasn't nearly as tasty as shredded cheese. Oh well next week will be better!

Well I need to sleep...I'm on my phone and she's telling me to plug her in. She needs a name still :) any suggestions? I'm not to creative! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday and has a great night. Love to all my fellow Bloggers!

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Just Me said...

muah!!! You are just fine! Rest up!! We will be here when your alll better. =)