Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Little man

My baby boy had a doctors appointment this morning! His 4 month check up (only 10 days late...) was this morning at 8. First of all that is WAY to early. Second of all this was my night last night:

9:00 get Josh to sleep
9:30 talk to Mom on phone eat snack :)
10:30 go to bed!
11:45 still awake... Josh woke up
12:30 got Josh back to sleep
1:45 FINALLY fell asleep
2:30 Josh woke up, got a sliver in my foot walking to get him from his room
3:00 got Josh back to sleep
300:-3:20 tried to get sliver out of my foot... NOT succesful
4:15 Josh woke up, brought him into bed
4:30-6:15 lay in bed trying to get a crabby boy to sleep
6:15 finally got Josh back to sleep
6:30 alarm went off
7:00 had to wake up Josh after trying to get him to sleep all night!

seriously... I am exhausted! What a long 5 hours. This morning my little man got his shots in his legs :( so I have a feeling tonight is gonna be more of the same thing. Not looking forward to it. He has slept maybe 45 minutes since he woke up this morning and he is a bear!

On top of him being a crab I am SUPER dizzy! Any one have any ideas to get rid of vertigo? I wake up with it once in a while but it never lasts this long. I have had in since I woke up this morning and it is no fun. Josh is in his swing content right now so perhaps I should try and lay down for a while.

His appointment went really good this morning. He is 17 lbs 3 oz. And I don't remember what is height is... he is int he 90th % for weight and 70th % for height. Much better than the 85th % and 40th% he was at his 2 months! haha he definitely got longer because none of his clothes fit him anymore. He is in 6-9 month clothes mostly, with a few 12 month outfits that fit him! What a chunker :)

Well I am going to go lay down... Ryan is at physical therapy and is stopping to get stuff for tacos on his way home. Then taco Tuesday!

Have a great Tuesday friends! Love!!

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