Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need a new outlook

I need to realize home is where my family is, not the house we live in.
I need to realize the little stuff, is just that, little. Not so important.
I must continue to tell myself, God has control over everything. So don't even try to take control.

I need a new perspective on life.

I must look at the world through my sons eyes, where everything depends on THIS moment. Not look at the future so much and just miss what's happening right here and now.
I really need to realize happiness is truly important, and try my best to be happy no matter what situation I find myself in.
I need to realize I have everything I could possibly want in life, not all the clothes and things, but a family that truly loves me and cares for me.

I need a new outlook, a new perspective on life.

I need to spend more time smiling laughing, not so much time worrying about where we will be in a month.
I need to dream, even if I feel deep down the dreams will never come true.
I really must take the time to enjoy all the little things in life, not dwell on the things I wish could be different.

I need to change the way I look at life. I need a new perspective.

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