Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleaning isn't so important.

I tell myself this constantly. My little boy is being VERY clingy lately and I feel like I am constantly trying to make him happy for a few minutes so I can clean my house, I need to constantly remind myself he won't be like this forever! It is hard to not get anything done, but it's not going anywhere :)

Dishes, Laundry, and Sweeping. These are my main 3 things. As long as those are done everyday, I consider it a succesful day. The bed doesn't get made every day (so what?), the tubs don't get cleaned every day, and every little thing isn't organized. Is it the end of the world? Sometimes I act like it is, but deep down I know it't not. My baby needs me so I need to sacrifice a few things for him. When he (finally) decides to take a nap I will get stuff done... someday.


Lady Hill said...

I find that making my bed actually increases the quality of my day. If my bed is made it makes the rest of my bedroom look not so bad, and it only takes a minute or two to do.

But I totally get what your saying. A Clean House isn't the most important thing in the world. A Loving Home is.

MStrickland96 said...

Yeah I usually try to get it done right away so I feel like i am starting the day off productive. But lately the baby has been sleeping still when I wake up and then I just get busy when he wakes up! I get what you are saying too :)