Monday, April 26, 2010

i am in need of some advice

Lately I have really had a desire to do something. I have no clue what I want to do, I just feel the need to do something. I love baking and I really would love to start a little baking business, our kitchen here just isn't realistic to do that. Plus I would need money for supplies and we can't afford it. So I thought crafts. Maybe there is another way to get a little extra income to start savings for my baking I would love to do. Problem is, I am not creative. I would have no idea what to do.

I think the reason for all this is that I have nothing I do. Yeah I cook, I clean, I'm a mom. But I want to do something for me! I just am stuck on what to do.

Any suggestions for a stay at home mom to make some extra money? Even an online job I could use to save up for baking supplies. I just feel like I need to do something for me, something I am held accountable for and has to be done ( besides changing diapers). Every online job I find looks like a scam.

I need help! Please? Thanks in advance.


Lady Hill said...

It's not a lot of money but you could try working for an online source like KGB or ChaCha.
Basically people text, call, or email a question and you would do an online search for the answer for them.
you only make a few cents per question but some people i know are making an okay ammount of money doing it.

MStrickland96 said...

thanks I will have to check it out!

Ms Bibi said...

Did you think about opening an Etsy store with baking goods? I just opened one. You don't have to bake and sell till you get paid.It might work for you.

MStrickland96 said...

hmm I have never heard of that! Thanks I will look into it :)