Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

Hello! Wow I have been pretty busy the last couple days. Which is weird because I am usually home all the time and not too busy. It has been good though :)

Thursday for my birthday my friend Aimee watched Joshua for us and Ryan and I went out to dinner together. It wasn't as hard leaving him as I thought it was gonna be. I think because I know Aimee has 4 kids and I know he is safe with her :) I am glad I have someone here that I trust like I trust her! Ryan and I went to a chinese buffet for dinner. I Love chinese food!! They didn't have wontons though so I was a little disappointed. We still had fun though! Then Ryan said we were going somewhere but he wouldn't tell me where... and he made me close my eyes! And we ended up going to DQ :) I wanted Ice cream cake really bad for my birthday but they didn't have any. So we go ice cream cones and sat at DQ for a while. It was fun.

Yesterday Ryan had the day off of work so we went out and about getting a ton of stuff done. My license expired on my birthday and I totally forgot to go renew it! So we went to do that yesterday, and they were going to make me retake the road test because it was expired! So I am not getting a Texas license, I am going home on the 17th of March so I guess I will wait and renew it there... its only a couple weeks and I don' drive a ton anyways!

Today we are going bowling for real I think haha we have wanted to go for so long but we never do! Hopefully we really will today. We have to go to the PX and get a few things and then mail my Mom's birthday present! (Only 2 weeks late...)

I will be back on later to post some pictures! I'm not sure where the camera has gone off too...

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Anonymous said...

im waiting until we go home to renew my liscence too.. they have crazy rules here... im glad you had a super fantastic birthday!