Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Friday Friday!

I love Friday! I know the weekend is right around the corner and that means 2 whole days with Daddy home :)

You would think that because I am an army wife I am getting good at being away from my husband right? WRONG! I miss him every day. He leaves for PT at 5:40 and is gone for work by the time me and Joshua get out of bed. He gets home around 6 usually. SO I have a few hours with him at night. I miss him every day.

I usually try to make Friday my cleaning day. The more I get done on Friday the less I have to do on the weekend! But this weekend Ryan has CQ on Sunday, it is a 24 hour shift. So he will be gone from 9 am Sunday to 9 am Monday. I don't know how much cleaning I will get done today because I am so sick!! It went from Ryan to Joshua and now its my turn :( ugh no fun at all!

On the bright side I am losing weight! Only about 13 more pounds and I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have been trying to get a lot of recipes off of Spark People I used to do it religiously. Track everything I put in my mouth. That was before i was pregnant and I had time to go to the computer everytime I ate! But now it seems I am feeding the baby EVERYTIME I eat. I quick get food when I know he is going to want to eat so I don't waste time just sitting! I like to multi-task :)

Well it is about that time... Joshua is crying and the dog is barking. Hope everyone has a fabulous friday! Check out Friday Follow this week :)

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Your new baby boy is adorable :)

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He is beautiful and way to go with your weight loss!
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