Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Wednesday :)

Wednesday is over... the week is over halfway done! For us the weekend comes early. Ryan has friday off this week :) He got called into work about 15 minutes after he got home Monday night and he ended up staying all night until 9 am. So he got Tuesday off and was given friday too because that was the 3rd time he has had CQ (Charge of Quarters, which is a 24 hour shift...) Since we have been here!

Tomorrow is my birthday :) Ryan and I are going out to dinner ALONE! This will be the first time we have left Josh with anyone so I am a little nervous... But I am excited to spend some alone time with Ryan. We need it!

Joshua has been so sleepy today! He took two, two hour naps and is already asleep. He hasn't eaten for a while so I have a feeling he will be awake soon to eat and then hopefully he will go right back to sleep. I need to go take a shower though before he does. I hope everyone is having a splendid Wednesday!

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christy rose said...

Hi Melissa, I am just getting around to visiting the people who stopped by from FF last week. I am so glad that you came by. Thanks for the follow. I am following you now too. I hope that you come back by so that we can be blogging friends. You have a beautiful little family. I am so glad to have met you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!