Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday :)

Happy Monday bloggers! Do you have some things that you just need to get off of your chest this beautiful Monday morning? Not me Monday is a chance to do just that, help you realize its not that big of a deal! To learn more about not me Monday visit mckmama's blog here:

Here goes!

This is not how I spent my Monday morning: Cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floors, and bringing mountains of laundry downstairs because I went 3 whole days without cleaning. I would never let my house get that bad... and even if I did I definitely wouldn't justify it by saying "It was my birthday Thursday" I don't do that. I know that doesn't mean I don't have to do anything all weekend!

And I did not put my baby in pajama's I found laying on the floor last night, because his pajama drawer was empty. I know that is gross and I would never do that! And he is not still wearing those very same pajama's 2 hours after he woke up, because I don't feel like getting him dressed.

I did not go to the mall on Saturday and spend 3 hours trying on jeans and shirts and finaly just give up and go get a pretzel. What good would that do me? I know better than that! Then I did not ask my husband if we could go back Sunday so I could look again, not me! I wouldn't do that to him!

That is just a short recap of my not me moments from this last weekend... I could go on and on but who wants to see that? not me! :)

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chippy11 said...

This was a great post Melissa, I'm glad you are taking care of "YOU", the laundry, dishes and cleaning will always be there, taking a weekend "off" is good for you sometimes....even know we'll pay for it later, it's still worth it. Now get Ryan to help and you'll get it all caught up again!