Thursday, February 4, 2010

What a night!

We had a VERY eventful night last night!

It all began around 3:30 in the afternoon....
Joshua wasn't eating because his cough was so bad. Every time he ate he gagged and then everything came back up. So we decided to take him in the ER to see if maybe he had RSV, or pneumonia or something. We ended up sitting in the ER for almost 7 hours! But at least everything is good. They said it is just a respiratory infection probably and sent us home with some Tylenol. He spiked a fever right before we let there and was at 102.3, but he got shots yesterday morning so we are assuming it is just from his shots. He slept last night from about 1 until 7! I was freaking out haha but he is just fighting this sickness! We got home from the hospital at about 12 to find a VERY messy house...

Deuce has had an icky tummy the last couple days.
We expected to find a couple messes when we got home because we were gone for so long and we knew he wasn't feeling well. But it was EVERYWHERE! Not only that but several of the spots were blood... Deuce was pooping blood! So Ryan called the vet and they said to bring him in. Ryan being the wonderful daddy he is took Deuce in the vet after sitting in the ER with Joshua for 7 hours. He was gone for about 2 hours and they told us that Deuce has a disease in his intestines and it could be deadly... we were so scared! But they wanted way more than we could pay to have him spend the night and run some tests, so he came home and we just kept a close eye on him.

This morning Ryan took Deuce out to go to the bathroom before work and it was worse.
So he decided to take Deuce back to the vet and get a blood test to see what is going on. He took him to a different(better)vet this morning and they said there is a slight chance he has this disease the vet thought last night. More than likely he is just starting to get torn up from being sick the last few days. Basically this other vet was just trying to get some money out of us. This vet said he would be lethargic, which he is not at all. He said he would have a tender tummy, which he doesn't at all, and you would be able to tell he isn't feeling well! But Deuce is still the same old Deuce. So he sent us home with some constipation medicine that will hopefully help... I am making deuce some chicken and rice right now, the diet the doctor recommended. Hopefully this will all blow over in a couple of days!

Joshua is sleeping in his swing right now, and I am going to get some breakfast and hopefully take a little nap before he wakes up! I have dishes to wash and laundry to fold... but that can wait. I am exhausted and need to get some sleep so I can take care of my sick guys all day!

I hope everyone else had a better Wednesday than I did! Good night :)


Jane said...

Glad everything is turning out okay, now you make sure you odn't get too sick...lots of vitamin C and plenty of water!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good advice from your Mom.

ryan said...

Hahahahahaha "blow over"? More like blown out! (The rear)

MStrickland96 said...

icky haha not even how I meant it... shush boy

Ms Bibi said...

Yes, dishes and laundry can wait.

Thank you for following me. I am your new follower.I love meeting new mom bloggers.

Have a wonderful weekend!