Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday :)

Happy Friday everyone!

I definitely did not get done as much as I was hoping to get done today... we went to the store and were gone for a couple of hours! So that put me behind schedule for a clean house!!I got a ton of laundry washed...

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now for folding it! that will be my job as soon as the little man goes to sleep here shortly. At least 4 loads await my arrival... ugh. plus one in the washer and one in the dryer.

heres the little man about 10 minutes ago.. snoozing away in my arms while I particpiate in follow friday! Now he is awake sitting with Daddy while he plays XBOX. Soon it will be bath time then bed time.

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And here is Mr. Deuce. Waiting to be fed :) And me, being the wonderful Mommy that I am just took a picture and walked away haha I am going to feed him soon! He has been sick so hasn't been able to eat as much. He is finally getting better though.

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I did get new picture frames at the PX today so I could Finally put up our families pictures! I love the way it looks now, all updated with the most recent family pictures we have. And my lovely shelf with some Okinawan souvenirs!

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And finally... me rewarding myself with a delicous cookie! Thats for all of the laundry that I am about to fold :) I need some engery! Plus I vacuumed, swept, mopped, and unpacked a little more. (Yes, sadly, we are still not totally unpacked. Very FEW boxes remain. About 4 boxes of stuff that will go in/on a computer desk when we get it, and about 5 boxes of books upstairs. Not to bad for 5 weeks since we got our stuff.)

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I also meant to mention on here a few day's ago, my older brother started chemotherapy for his non-hodgkins lymphoma he was diagnosed with a few weeks ago. He had a little but of an allergic reaction the first time around, but they got it under control and he hasn't had any major side effects yet. I think he said the hiccups is the worst... so not to bad :) I just want to ask everyone to keep Dan in your prayers and thoughts for the next few months as his and his new wife Celia go through this!
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Have a wonderful weekend!!

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