Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time for bed!

I am heading off to bed. Here are a few pictures from the Zac Brown Band Concert on Thursday :)
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This is Mexico! Driving to New MExico we saw the border, which is like 5 miles from our house haha.

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here he is :) I LOVE Zac Brown! I had so much fun!!

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Joey and Rory were the MC's and then Mike Jones randomly came on at the end haha it was fun :)

I finally found a pair of jeans today! I have been having such a hard time finding anything that fits since I had Joshua, I know its a sign I should lose weight but its so hard. I have been walking regularly, eating semi-healthy, and even running once in a while. I have lost almost 40 pounds since I had him, but I need to lose about 15 more to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and about 30 to get to my ideal weight! I want to do it! But after buying many jeans and returning them, trying on about 40 pairs. i grabbed a pair of 5.00 clearance jeans at walmart today and they fit!! I am so happy :)

well I need to sleep! Church in the morning. Hope everyone had a great saturday!

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chippy11 said...

Yay Melissa! Way to loose the weight, just think what you'll be like in the summer when you sweat! HAHA!