Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Baby boy

My baby boy is getting so big! Here is a recent picture of him, every time I see him I am just amazed at how fast he is growing. I am pretty sure all parents say that though :)

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We did some picture of him yesterday, I will try and post a couple after they are all fixed up. My Dad is a photographer so it is nice to get the pictures done for really cheap.

I have 1 week left in Minnesota. I am having fun here and I am glad that Josh and I got to come and visit, but I miss my hubby! It is so much harder to leave him and be this far away from him now that we have Josh. And I know he misses Josh, so that makes me feel even worse! Joshua hasn't changed at all though so hopefully it won't be that hard for him.

Well I am going to go get some sleep. I have been going to sleep really late the last few nights and now its not even 11 so I could actually be asleep by midnight. I haven't even been going to bed until 1 or so, ugh that makes for a long day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!


The Aguilars' said...

Come back. We miss Josh. He is so cute and looks like his Daddy.

christy rose said...

He is just so adorable!!