Saturday, March 13, 2010

A few of Joshua's faces.

Here are a few faces of Mr. Joshua :)

This is Joshua's "Getting Business Done" face. I ALWAYS (never)look forward to this face.

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This is sleeping Joshua. I really love this one :) This has been my favorite Joshua face for the last few days, because he hasn't had it very often. I get so excited when I see it.

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This is another one that I absolutely love. It is a rare face lately. Only showing itself right after he is done eating, and right after he wakes up. For about 5 minutes each time. I miss this face!

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And last but not least... the content Joshua. This one hasn't been seen very often lately either. But we enjoy it when it comes around :) Joshua has been loving his rocker lately, that is the only time he isn't crying, unless he is being held.

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Well I hope everyone had a great saturday. Time for Joshua to have a bath then get to sleep! Church in the morning :) we need happy Joshua around for that.


~Shelley~ said...

He is SO INCREDIBLY CUTE!!!!!! I just wanna squeeze them little chubby cheeks!!

MStrickland96 said...

thanks! I love his cheeks :) he's a goofy boy!