Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Not me Monday is a chance to get out a few of those things that happened through out the week that maybe you weren't so proud of. A chance to laugh at the little things we all do! To learn more about Not me! Monday check out McMama's blog here:

I didn't go to the bathroom yesterday and use the last of the toilet paper and leave the empty roll there for Ryan to discover :) I would never do such a thing! But if I did I wouldn't use an excuse like "I didn't think we had anymore" When I knew there were 2 rolls in the bathroom upstairs. Thats the whole problem. THey were upstairs! I am not that lazy. Everyone knows that!

I didn't make the bed 5 minutes before bed everynight for like 5 days, hoping Ryan didn't notice all day that it was unmade! At least it was made right?

I definitely did not leave the mail unchecked all weekend because I didn't wanna go through the trouble of getting the baby in his stroller and walking the whole 2 blocks to the mail box. That is so lazy, and we all know I am not lazy! I definitely did not do that!


casey aubut said...

Thanks for the follow! I will be following you now too!
Hope you like the HugaMonkey sling! :)


Debbie said...

Ha! These were great. My post today is about what a terrible housekeeper I am:)
Came over from Friday Follow. (Better late than never, right?)