Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Manicotti

Yesterday I made Manicotti for dinner. I have never made manicotti before and I have to say I was QUITE impressed with myself :) Ryan liked it too so it must have really been good. I changed up the recipe a bit and made it my own and it was delicious!

Tonight is taco tuesday. Hopefully Ryan remembers sour cream! I love taco Tuesday :) I am pretty sure I say that every weel though, so you all know that by now!

My little Joshua has a cold or allergies... I'm not sure which yet. But he has the ickiest nose and itchy eyes. My poor little man hasn't been sleeping good the last few nights, which means I haven't been sleeping good the last few nights. Hopefully it will be better tonight! I was getting used to those 5 or 6 hours of sleep.

My house is officially free of Boxes!! The moving company came today and picked up all of our boxes, minus the few we are keeping to store stuff in. We have a whole room now to try to figure out what to do with :) I'm pretty sure it won't be to hard. Ryan has kind of claimed it as his room, because we have no garage so his tools are all in there. I wanted it to be a computer/guest room but I think thats what the room upstairs will turn into! I think we are going to get a futon soon :)

Ryan is going to the medical board on March 23rd, to find out if his job is getting changed, he is getting kicked out or if things will stay how they are. I kind of hope he gets kicked out, because then we can move back to Minnesota! But I know thats not practical right now because he needs to finish school and we need the financial security, so i guess a job change is the next best thing. I will let you know when we find out. I will be in Minnesota when he goes.

Well I need to go feed my bubba boy before Ryan gets home and we go running! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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