Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have decided I need to give my blog a "Blogover" :) I am almost to my 100th post (this is my 99th!!!) so it's about time for a new look. Plus it is summer so time for something a little more summery! I am not real savvy with this stuff, but I am going to try to do something cool. I am hoping to get some time to do it tonight.

Today is Thursday! What is my favorite thing about Thursdays you ask? My dear hubby gets off at 3:00 on Thursdays. So we usually get to go out and do something. Tonight is no different, we are heading to target to get my baby boy a dresser. Yes, my almost 6 month old son does not have a dresser. He has a variety of plastic drawers and containers, which are doing the job, I am just so excited to finally get him a dresser!!

I hope you are all having a great Thursday, I have been very productive. And only 3 hours til Daddy get home :) Happy Thursday blogger friends ♥

oh also, to all of my successful blogger friends,any tips on how to make my blog more successful? Be brutal! Thanks.

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