Friday, May 21, 2010

All around newness (and my 100th post!!)

Wow! I can't believe this is already my 100th post! I am so glad that I have actually been able to stick with it this long and I hope you are all enjoying reading my blog :)

I have totally redone my blog (Which I'm sure you've noticed by now:) I am still doing touch ups here and there but for the most part it is done! I love how it turned out. oh and on a sidenote... I am trying to make a button for my page, to share and I can't figure it out! I used to be able to do this stuff, but I have lost my ability and just get confused. So if anyone wants to help out an incompetent blogger that would be grand.

So I have been wanting to get this new camera for a while, we have been looking and comparing prices making sure we made an educated purpose. Yesterday we recieved our money for moving down here to El Paso (yes 5 months after we got here)and we got more than we were thinking we would so Ryan got me my new baby! Here she is

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am so excited to learn all the extras it has and start taking some awesome pictures. I hope you are all having a great Friday. I am so ready for the weekend :) ♥


Lady Hill said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

My camera is my baby and I love it. I don't know how I survived so long without her. I'm a Nikon girl myself, but Canon's have a lot to offer too. ;-P

Ria Thurston said...

Hey girl! I have this SAME camera :) It is sooo happy -- you will LOVE it!!! So much fun. Enjoy!

MStrickland96 said...

I love it already!! I'm so excited that I finally got it :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

YAY New Blog! YAY 100 posts!! I can help with a button...e-mail me. =)=) its beautiful! muah!