Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekend Recap + a few days

Wow! Is tomorrow really Friday already? Ryan worked until 10 on Saturday, then had Sunday-Tuesday off, so we had a nice looong weekend. What did we do with our long weekend you ask? Well, let me show you!


Saturday Ryan worked from 6-10, then we went to my parents house to help them paint! I lived in my parents house my entire life, literally I didn't move once until I moved to Japan with Ryan, and as long as I lived there I don't remember ever having it painted. So this was a big deal :)

We had a McDonalds picnic

we were there until about 8:30. A nice long day of painting!


We woke up too late for church Sunday morning (Yay! for the boys letting me get some sleep, but boo for missing church) but we had a fun day going to Miss Adelle Julia's first birthday party!

The beautiful birthday girl


We have been wanting to go pick strawberries ever since they were ready to be picked. So Monday was the day! Joshua absolutely loved it!

I'm pretty sure he ate more than he put in the bucket

Ryan and I had a date night on Tuesday, we went to Texas roadhouse for dinner (YUMMY) then went to lowes and walked around, and then went and did some dream appliance shopping at the sears outlet and again at the mall. My favorite part of the whole night was this awesome diaper bag I found at Burlington.

I have been hunting for a perfect one and FINALLY found it!
(sorry you don't get to see pictures of our super fun date night, I forgot the camera at home!)

Wednesday was just a stay at home day for me and the boys while Ryan went back to work. Joshua had fun playing in his pool

We went on a relaxing walk

A VERY relaxing walk

And the perfect end to the perfect day was that Samuel decided to sleep finally!! He slept from 10:00-6:30!! It was amazing :)

Today was a very warm humid day here in Minnesota, so me and the boys went to my parents and cooled off in the pool! Okay, only Joshua went in the pool. Samuel slept inside most of the time and I got my tan on. But it was definitely a relaxing day.

So as you can see we have been busy as usual. I hope all these beautiful pictures make up for my absence this week. Hope you all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend!

Love Love ♥

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