Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Life is exhausting me lately! I go to bed way to late, wake up way to early and change WAY to many diapers in between. Remember back in this post when I mentioned Joshua was having a hard time adjusting to Samuel, and was being very whiny? Well that hasn't changed yet. It has been 3 weeks since Sam was born, and Joshua is just as whiny and cranky today as he was the day we brought the baby home. I am gonna blame this on the terrible two's now. I know he is only 18 months, but seriously, what else could be going on? He is EXHAUSTING me lately.

So what's new around here? I have about a billion mosquito bites on my FEET, that's whats new. Probably the most annoying place to have a single mosquito bite, let alone 23. Yes I counted. Don't judge me.


Tell me you wouldn't count those bad boys.

I just realized it is almost 5:00 and Joshua is still sleeping... oh goodness it could be a long night! Mr. Samuel is sitting next to me in his rocker being a fuss-butt wanting to eat AGAIN, I am trying to spread his feedings out a little, he is wanting to eat every hour! And for a little boy who has gained a pound a week almost since he was born (yes my little chunk is 11 lbs 10 oz), hourly feedings are NOT necessary. But goodness he is cute isn't he? and it is hard to listen to this little cutie patootie be unhappy.


Last night was my brother in laws 18th birthday (well technically all day was I guess, but we celebrated last night). We went to my in-laws and had ice cream cake! (DELICIOUS)

Joshua has pretty much perfected using a spoon, and loved showing off his amazing eating-with-silverware ability.

The birthday boy, his friend Joe, and my Dear Hubby enjoying some yummy ice cream cake.

Happy 18th birthday Tyler!

I should probably go feed this cute little baby fussing next to me :) I hope everyone is having a great week! Love Love ♥

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The Engstrands said...

You know sweetie, it might not be the terrible 2's. I had AJ 4 months ago, and Jayden is the same way as Joshua. Very crabby, very needy, and is acting out. I think its an adjusting thing...because you have to think, Joshua had all your attention, and now, he has to share it.

I wish you luck dear...and I really hope it doesn't last as long as mine is :D