Monday, June 6, 2011

I need a vacation...

Whew. I am exhausted! We spent the weekend driving. Literally I feel like that's all we did (okay maybe I am exaggerating) ! We went to Hammond, Indiana for a wedding. We left early Friday morning and got back Sunday evening. Let me tell you, when you go on "vacation" with a 1 year old who is still adjusting to being a big brother, and a newborn who decides this vacation is the very best time to develop a horrible, horrible case of colic, you come home from said "vacation" needing a VACATION!

Now don't get me wrong, we had our moments where both boys were happy and we had fun. But honestly, I feel like 99% of the time, this was happening:


but of course we had some fun, we stopped and had a picnic in a park on the way down

Joshua had fun playing on the chair at the hotel, who said you need to leave the hotel to have fun on vacation?

We swam in the hotel pool

Oh, and of course, we went to a wedding :)

We drove by Chicago on the way home, didn't stop because we had two cranky boys and traffic was HORRIBLE in downtown Chicago.

On Saturday night we stopped in Wisconsin at a super cool hotel with a very FUN pool

As I just looked the my pictures, it turns out we did have a lot of fun. Sure it was stressful, but EVERYTHING is stressful when you have a toddler and a newborn along :) Oh and I realized there is only ONE picture of me from the whole weekend, and I am in my swimsuit so you don't get to see it! Time to give the camera to Ryan more often I guess. I hope everyone had a fun RELAXING weekend! Love Love ♥


ryan said...

Maybe if you brought the camera charger, it wouldn't have died the second I tried taking a picture Haha.

Sarah Heineman said...

Good thing there are pictures to remind us of the good times :)

Dan said...

Glad you guys had fun! Well, some of the time anyway... lol