Monday, August 23, 2010

7 days!!

We have 7 days until we need to have the rest of our house packed up. We need to be out on the 31st and we need at least that one day to clean it up :) I have been CRAZY busy packing up the house lately.

Today our pastors wife & son came and took Joshua for a couple of hours and I got a lot done! I got almost all of our dishes packed up and all of the books packed up. I have already done all of our clothes and everything from the walls. Our house is already starting to feel so empty!

And now for my 30 day blog journal:

I haven't been doing to well keeping up with this huh? I wouldn't have even started if I had known we were going to be moving, and so busy!

Day 23: A youtube video

This is easy :) Is it cheating because it is one that I uploaded? Oh well!

my happy baby boy.

I hope everyone had a good Monday! Have a great week bloggy friends :) Love Love ♥

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