Friday, August 6, 2010

20 of my favorite things

As I was writing the title to todays blog I got that Christmas song stuck in my head
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages, tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things
we used to sing this song in choir when I was in 7th grade :) The year me and my hubby were in choir together and became friends. Ah what a good year that was!

Anywho onto todays post:
20 of my favorite things (after the 1st 2, in no particular order)

1. Jesus--- No brainer, Jesus is my favorite thing!
2. Family-- Life is so empty without family, I can't wait to be back in MN!
3. Reading-- Is there a better way to spend a rainy afternoon?
4. Nap time-- I say this because nap time isn't happening right now, makes me realize how much I love it!
5. Sunshine-- Puts a smile on my face :)
6. A crisp fall day
7. Road Trips with the people I love
8. Gardening- I can't wait to get back to MN so I can have one :)
9. Going on long walks, when its NOT really hot
10. Date night with my hubby
11. Decorating my home
12. Dr. Pepper
13. Minnesota- If you didn't notice I'm excited to move HOME!
14. Friends-- It's nice to have someone who understands
15. Dishwashers- I miss this. My next house will have one
16. Being pregnant-- (my first pregnancy was awesome, hopefully they all will be)
17. My baby boy's smile -- So Sweet :)
18. Garage sales & Thrift stores with my Mama
19. Dogs-- Especially my baby deuce
20. Chocolate- I almost forgot to put chocolate!! Oh boy!

These are a few of my favorite things.. Not the top 20. Just 20 :)

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! I am so ready for a relaxing weekend. Love love ♥

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