Saturday, September 4, 2010

we have arrived (well some of us)

Joshua and I flew in to Minnesota on Thursday! Ryan found out on Thursday afternoon that he will be getting orders on Tuesday and will be leaving El Paso on Friday. So he should make it here to Minnesota by next Sunday. 1 week from tomorrow! We have been gone for only 3 days and I miss him already :( hopefully the next week goes pretty fast.

Our last week has been filled with packing, packing, and MORE packing. We got the trailer last Friday, had some people over Saturday and got so much done. We were so thankful to have such wonderful people sacrifice their Saturday to help us! We fit way more in that trailer than anyone thought we would be able to. It was amazing!

We were out of the house on the 31st. We spent a few nights in the hotel before flying out at 7 am on Thursday morning. Ryan is still in the hotel we were staying in, until Monday. After that he will be staying with some of our old neighbors for the rest of the week until he leaves to join us!

Joshua and I went over to my in-laws Thursday evening and checked out where we will be living for the next few months. We are so blessed to have such awesome family supporting us! They are turning their basement into a room/living space for Ryan and I and giving Joshua his own room. Way more than we could have ever asked for! We have wonderful family and I am so thankful for them!

Well Joshua seems to have decided he wants to go to bed now... we attempted bedtime a half hour ago and he wasn't going for it. Maybe this time! Goodnight bloggers. Hope everyone had a great week, and is having a great weekend! Have a wonderful Sunday :) love love ♥

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