Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My poor babies

My poor babies are sick. And let me tell you friends, when my babies are sick the whole world comes to a stop. I get NOTHING done. There is a lot of crying, boogers and coughing. They both have icky noses, fevers and coughs. Not fun for anyone! Well mostly me because I am the one taking care of the little guys.

We ended up not getting much done in the bathroom yesterday, but today we finally got the tile down! Tomorrow we grout, paint, then hopefully get the toilet and vanity back in and we will actually have ourselves a functioning bathroom on our main floor again (its such a pain having to go all the way upstairs!)

Hopefully you are all having a better week than my poor babies are so far. I will post pictures once the bathroom is complete :)

Love Love ♥

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Emily Rachelle said...

Hey Mrs. Strickland! This is Emily, from Foundations. :) Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I've been following your blog, for, like, ever... I just never thought to comment every so often.

Hope the boys feel better. :(

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