Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally family pictures!

A couple weeks ago we FINALLY got family pictures done by Ria Thurston of Ri Photography. I had been wanting to do family pictures since Sam was born nearly 2 months before, but obviously I have been busy and kept forgetting!

We finally got them done and we ended up going to the fairgrounds, about 3 blocks from where I grew up. Here are a few of my favorites

Seriously I love them all and it was hard for me not to put them all on here :)

I finally am ordering pictures, and hopefully we will have them on the wall by the end of the week. Sam will be 3 months old soon, but hey, better late than never! We will probably do more pictures soon since Sam is a totally different kid already. But I love these still.

Have a great week friends

Love Love ♥


Sarah Heineman said...

SO cute!

The Engstrands said...

They are super cute :) I love the one with you and ryan kissing and sam is screaming...it just captures the moment of "waahh i'm the baby don't have anymore" lol