Sunday, August 28, 2011

Question for you!

So I was thinking tonight about how we need to get Sam's crib set up, he has officially outgrown his co-sleeper (not looking forward to having to actually get OUT of the bed to get him). While I was thinking about this, I started dreaming about the day that I will be confident enough of his ability to sleep through the night to put him in with Joshua. This got me thinking about what the average age is that people move their babies out of their rooms and into the "nursery". So How old were your babies when they ventured off on their own?

Joshua was about 4 months old when he left his playpen in our room and started sleeping in his crib, I tell myself it was because his crib wasn't set up, but honestly if I really wanted him out sooner I could have gotten it ready. I just wanted my baby right by me :) Now with Sam it's a little different, I'm pretty sure if we had a 3 bedroom house he would already be in his own room. Most nights (like 5 nights a week at least) he sleeps from 9-6, eats and goes back to sleep until 8ish. I just don't wanna take the chance of him having a bad night and then having two screaming boys at two a.m. instead of just one. 

I don't think your answers are gonna change my plan to wait until he sleeps through the night all the time but I am just curious what you all did and how it worked out for you :) I hope you all had a great weekend, I will have a little update on our stinky bathroom tomorrow, and hopefully it will be much further than it is now. 

Love Love ♥

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