Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not so productive

Today has been a not so productive day. Here is how it has gone so far

5:55AM- Ryan jumped out of bed freaking out because his alarm didn't go off. He was supposed to be to work at 6 and we live about a half hour from where he works.
6:00 AM- A Little delayed, Sam woke up screaming.
6:05AM- Joshua woke up screaming because he couldn't find his pacifier.
6:20 AM- I give up on getting Sam back to sleep without a bottle, went downstairs and pumped so he could eat.
7:15- Sam finally decided it was a good time to go back to sleep.
7:45- Joshua woke up screaming because his pacifier fell out of the bed (Sam was still sleeping)
8:05- I gave up on Joshua going back to sleep and woke up and went downstairs to get breakfast.
8:10- Sam woke up screaming, so I ended up having to pump so he could eat AGAIN.
9:00- We finally eat breakfast.

The rest of my day has been crying babies, a sick dog, short naps and long fits being thrown. I started the dishwasher and started laundry and oddly enough, I am happy with that. Both boys are FINALLY sleeping now, I don't know how long its gonna last so I am not going to do anything! My head is pounding and I am ready for bed at 1:45 in the afternoon. Maybe I will go get my massage tonight :)

Hope you are all having a better day than I am!

Love Love ♥

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