Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One happy camper

Lately Joshua has been waking up from his naps so cranky.

K I take that back, lately Joshua has been so cranky! No matter how long he sleeps, or what I do to try and make him happy he is just a cranky boy. He is in this "I am a big boy, so let me do what I want" phase. Oh my goodness! He isn't even 16 months old yet. In fact he is throwing a fit as I am trying to type this, because I wont let him unplug the computer (mean mom right?!)

The only thing that makes him happy is strawberries. This child would LIVE off of strawberries if I let him. I limit him to two, two times a day. So twice a day, I have a happy boy. This is one of the only happy moments we have had in the last couple days

I hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. I am stuck at home, without a car again. So tonight I will be out and about running errands that I should have gotten done today. Have a great evening friends!! Love Love ♥

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