Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doctors and dreary weather

Today had the potential to be a good day for my little man. It's finally warming up, and we were planning a walk to enjoy the 48 degree weather we are having. Joshua was 15 months old on the 3rd of this month, so we are already a couple weeks behind for his check up. I called this morning to schedule it and they said today at 11:15 or else the 31st.... we couldn't very well wait until he is almost 16 months old now could we? So it was up to me to get Joshie to his traumatizing (trust me, it was!) appointment all on my own this morning. Daddy was supposed to be there for this one...

When Joshua was born, he was circumcised. Ryan noticed the day after it was done, that it didn't look like it was done right. They insisted it would heal the right way, and he was just being a "typical new dad" worrying about his little boy. We were still uneasy about it and have asked every doctor about it at every appointment he has had. They all just assured us it would fix itself over time. Surprise, surprise! It didn't. So today my poor little boy had to go through another horrible circumcision, just without the numbing medicine this time :( I almost cried because he was screaming so loud. He was over it in a few minutes and running around playing. Just when he had all but forgotten about the traumatizing experience the nurse came in and gave him 3 shots. I think this was worse than any other shots because he was still shaken up from what had just happened. After a few minutes I finally had him calmed down, and they made us got to the lab and have blood drawn for some tests.

Overall, it was a traumatizing, exhausting, looong morning.

Here is how Joshua felt after it all was over

Poor baby :(

Then we got home, and it started raining just minutes after we pulled in the driveway. Now it is dreary and yucky outside. No walk for us today! Oh well hopefully this warm weather will stay since spring is really only 5 days away :)

Have a great week friends and keep my baby in your prayers as he heals up from this painful day. Love love ♥

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Tina Rinka said...

Hope Joshua is better soon. We are praying for all of you; there's a lot going on in your life right now!