Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm so over this!!

I seriously am getting huge!! I still have 9 weeks left until this baby is born, and I am already so uncomfortable. I didn't get like this until I was about 39 weeks with Joshua. I guess I just expected all my pregnancies to be as easy and painless as my first (no such luck). I have a doctors appointment next week hopefully and then they will probably do an ultrasound because I am measuring big (again), my guess is I just have a lot of fluid (Again), because I keep having that pain in my back (again). The more that I think about it, this pregnancy isn't so different from my first :) I just got REALLY big, REALLY fast.

I am going crazy this week (Yes, I am aware its only Monday). After out little run in with the guard rail last Saturday they weren't able to get the truck in until Thursday. So we have been without the truck for 4 days already, and will be at least 3 more. That truck is my freedom! Our other little car is a piece of junk that we paid $100 for. It is a 2 door probe, that has seat belts in the back seat that don't lock, and a passenger door that doesn't open from the outside. Needless to say we don't take that very far, and definitely not on the highway with Josher in the car. I AM SO OVER BEING STUCK AT HOME. Alright I'm better now :) just needed to vent!

Well I suppose I should go start dinner (hamburgers and french fries, yummy :) I hope everyone is having a better Monday than I am. I am just thankful I have my little boy to make me smile, even when he drives me crazy! Love Love ♥

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