Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair everywhere!

As I sit here, listening to Ryan finish up installing the pocket door in Joshua's closet (way more complex than it sounds), and enjoying the quiet of Joshua sleeping, all I can think about is "I am SO sick of dog hair!!!"

We have a pit bull, a beautiful 3 1/2 year old black and white cuddler. We got him when we were in Japan, and then he made the long, stressful 24 hour journey home with us because we just couldn't bear to leave our baby behind. When we lived in Japan he didn't shed. Literally I thought this was amazing, because I always believed short haired dogs shed. But hey, HUUUGE plus. No dog hair! Ever since we made the journey back to the good ol USA he is a MAJOR shedder. We thought at first, "he's just nervous", then after we moved to Texas "he just needs to get used to the dry climate", then after we got back to Minnesota "THIS DOG IS NEVER GONNA STOP SHEDDING!!!" I swear, I am going crazy.

He used to be allowed on the furniture, but as of about 3 weeks ago we are looking for a new couch, and with the baby coming decided its just best if he stays off of all furniture. So that is taking some getting used to for him, and I am still finding hair all over the bed and couch so he is getting on it when we leave (little sneak)! I don't know how to keep him off when we are gone, but hopefully, eventually he will catch on. I am in the process of making him a SUPER comfy bed so he has no desire to get on the couch. But until that's done, the fight goes on!

Alright, enough about the boring subject of dog hair and on to a cute picture of my cuddly puppy with his favorite ball

Have a great Monday everyone! Today is part of our weekend since Ryan is working Tuesday-Saturday the last couple weeks. Pray we finish this door! He is way to stressed out about it :)

Love love ♥

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Kellie Ernst said...

do youhave dinning room chairs or anything? thats what we did when we left so that my parents dog didn't get on the furniture :)