Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Much is happening!!!

Wow the last few days have been so crazy!! So much is changing super soon :) here is something that I know for sure I can share:

My Dad has been working a horrible shift (2-10) for about 6 months now. It's not as bad during the summer, but during the school year he wouldn't see my little brothers and sisters from Sunday night until Saturday morning (THATS CRAZY!), his boss is willing to talk to him about maybe becoming a photographer (which would be a HUGE blessing for him) at his work, which would more than likely bring a shift change. So please please pray this works out for him it would be a wonderful thing for my family.

Another HUGE thing that we just found out yesterday, more than likely Ryan will be out of the army and we will be heading back to Minnesota on September first. Yes, ONE month from tomorrow!! AHHH!!! That is going to be an awesome thing if it really works out. Right now we are waiting to see if Ryan will need to surgery repeated on his ankle, if he does we might end up staying a little longer for that to get done. But either way it is going to be happening so soon and I am SO ready to be back in Minnesota with family and friends :)

and here is the last thing happening (This is a HUGE one too!!) My family just found out thursday that there is a little girl available for them to adopt. She is 2 months old, and they said yes! So very, very soon I will be having a new baby sister (it will be younger than my son haha!) I am so excited to get back to Minnesota and meet her.

seriously this has all happened in the last couple days and it has been very hectic trying to figure everything out. I am so blessed though and I have an AWESOME life. I hope you are all having a good weekend, and have a great Sunday! (its potluck at church for us :) yummy yummy)love love ♥

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Kellie Ernst said...

oh im excited to see your new baby sister and josh will have an auntie to play with :) im jealous you get to move back to MN!