Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping Thursday :)

I am in the middle of making a HUGE grocery list. We haven't been grocery shopping in about 3 weeks (maybe even longer!) So Today, I have the honor of going major grocery shopping with Mr. Joshua, while Ryan is at work. Oh Joy! No really, its not that bad, I just strongly dislike going on my own. Even more than going on my own, I HATE putting groceries away. At least I pick Ryan up from work on my way home so he can do that :)

Before the grocery store, I am going to the PX to (hopefully) get our new vacuum! I just hope they have it in stock and we don't have to wait forever... our old vacuum died the other day. After 3 year. 3 years with a $30 vacuum isn't to bad though!

Well my crabby boy (who still is showing no signs of cutting his teeth!) is telling me its nap time! Which means as soon as he lays down, I have floors to sweep, dishes to wash and laundry to put away. Ryan's family is coming on Sunday so I want to make the house sparkly clean to impress my mother in law :)

Have a great Thursday everyone! Love love ♥


Kyrstin said...

Sounds like a busy day - doesn't it always feel like there is something to do!

Kellie Ernst said...

i hate grocery shopping too... nate never puts the groceries away, your lucky

MStrickland96 said...

Yeah he decided he needed to take a shower the minute he got home so I ended up doing it all haha